Experienced SR. level mask designer in Austin, TX, Sunnyvale CA or Clhelmsford, MA

Customer Location: Austin, TX, San Jose CA, Ft. Collins CO; or Chelmsford , MA

Duration: 9 months

Title: Experienced SR. level mask designer, specializing in high speed mixed signal design.

Job Description: Design complex mixed-signal IP blocks, which will include providing accurate schedules, ground- up floor planning, verification and ECO work to resolve electrical/timing issues.

Job Requirements:

  • Experience with Cadence and Calibre tools and be proficient in planning for and addressing electrical consideration (EM/IR Noise, etc.)
  • Skill, Calibre and other programming knowledge is a plus but not required.
  • Mixed signal, analog experience (pll design, etc.)
  • 10+ years’ experience desirable
  • Experienced with least 20nm or smaller designer. Preferably 16/14nm.


  • Skills: IC Mask Calibre mixed layout
  • Location: Austin, TX
  • Area Code : 214
  • Travel Req: none
  • Telecommute: no
  • Pay Rate:Market
  • Length: 9 months