SAP – Business Warehouse (BW)

Part 1

•Data Warehousing: Overview
•Multidimensional Data Models
•The SAP BW Data Model
•Data Flow in BW and Extracting Data from mySAP Components
•Extracting Data from Other Data Sources
•Production Support Unit 8 Operational Data Stores
•Data Modeling – Additional Topics
•Authorizations in BW
•Business Content

Part – 2

•LIS Data Extraction
•LO Data Extraction
•Extraction from CO-PA
•xtraction from FI-SL
•Tools for Generic Data Extraction
•Enhancing Business Content
•Special Topics: Delta Management
•Excurses: OLTP Access via RemoteCubes
•Currency Translation


•Introduction to BW Reporting
•Working with Business Content Queries in the BEx Browser
•Getting Started with the BEx Analyzer
•Working with Key Figures and Characteristics
•Query Properties
•Exceptions and Conditions
•BExMap: The GIS of SAP BW
•Special Topics