SAP- Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

This course is intended to provide course participants with a greater understanding of both basic data in CRM as well as selected basic CRM functionality. To this end, the key capability for CRM sales is used, which demonstrates special CRM functions such as activities and transactions within the CRM processes.
Overview and Introduction to:

•Foundation & Architecture of mySAP CRM
•mySAP CRM Analytics
•mySAP CRM Marketing
•mySAP CRM E-Commerce
•mySAP CRM Channel Management
•mySAP CRM Sales
•mySAP Interaction Center WebClient
•mySAP Service
•mySAP Field Applications
•mySAP CRM for Industries

Detailed Contents:

•CRM Basic data
•Business partner
•Organizational model
•Territory Management
•Product master CRM Business Transactions
•Overview of generic functions in business transactions
•Activity Management (including Activity Journal and Groupware Integration)
•Transaction type and item category.

Process control and determination:

•Partner determination customizing
•Overview of Pricing in CRM
•Actions (Output determination)
•CRM Billing CRM Middleware
•CRM Middleware Overview
•Basic concepts of CRM middleware
•Replication administration
•Monitoring & error handling People Centric CRM
•Basic elements and features of People-Centric CRM
•The tool for customizing PCC
•Enterprise Portal Solution Manager
•Project Preparation Phase
•Business Blueprint Phase
•Realization Phase

Implementation & Operation of mySAP CRM