SAP Finance and Controlling (FI/CO)

Financials – Managerial & Financial Accounting

Finance Master Data

•Chart of Accounts
•General Ledger Accounts
•Reconciliation Accounts
•Account Groups
•Customer and Vendor Accounts
•Bank Accounts/Bank Keys

Document Control

•Document types and Number ranges
•Posting Keys and Field Status groups
•Posting Periods
•Posting Authorizations
•Default Values
•Document Changes, Change Control
•Tolerance Groups & Payment Differences
•Cross-Company Code Transactions
•Document Reversal
•Incoming and Outgoing Payments
•Discounts and Payment Terms
•Clearing (manual & automatic)
•Payment Differences
•Foreign Currencies and Exchange Rate Differences
•Configuration and Processing Special G/L Transactions
•Cash Journal

Payment Program, Dunning Program, Correspondence, Interest Calculation

•Payment Program Configuration
•Running the Payment Program
•Payment Media
•Dunning Program Configuration
•Running the Dunning Program and Dunning Printout
•Configuration Correspondence
•Processing Correspondence
•Configuration Interest Calculation
•Running Interest Calculation

Periodic Processing

•Month end and year end Processes & adjustments
•Financial Statement Versions & Reporting
•Receivables & Payables
•Profit & Loss
•Technical, Organizational and Documentary Steps

Controlling Org Types and Master Data

•Cost elements and Cost Centers
•Activity Types
•Statistical Key Figures
•Transaction Based postings and activity allocations
•Reconciliation Ledger
•Order Master records, types, and status
•Periodic reposting and cost allocations
•Distributions and Assessments


•Versions and Profiles in Cost Centers/Profit Centers
•Planning Aids

Overhead Orders

•Types of Orders
•Statistical vs Real Orders
•Period end and settlement rules
•Allocation Structures

Profit Center Accounting

•Dummy Profit Center and Assignment of objects
•Assignment Monitor
•Actual Data Flow and Line Item Management
•Report Painter reporting in Profit-Center-Accounting
•Drill-down reporting

Schedule Manager

•Task List
•Flow Definitions

Solution Manager

•Solution Manager-Overview

Experiences from Implementations (Case Study or Project)

•Setting Up Company Structures (organizational units in mySAP Business Suite)
•Integration and Dependencies