SAP Overview

Log-on, Graphical User Interface (GUI), Navigation

Performance Objectives

•Use SAP Logon
•Identify SAP Logon version
•Fast Log-on with shortcuts
•Open new session
•Use of AutoTab function
•Use command field
•Navigate with function keys
•Navigate between input fields
•Search within a list

Basic understanding of the system

Objective: Understanding of the SAP System by explaining concepts such as master data, real-time, central database, authorization, and three-system landscape. Advantages and disadvantages of these. This knowledge helps you to communicate with the system administration and to see how your own work fits into the complete system context.

Performance Objectives

•Handling of languages, e.g. quotation language
•Explain the meaning of real time
•Explain the concept of master data record
•Explain the meaning of R/3
•Explain the usage of table and fields in SAP software
•Name the most important applications of SAP software
•Name the advantages of the Business Workflow
•Reduce system response time
•Explain the organizational units (e.g. client) in SAP software
•Explain the advantages of background processing
•Explain the customizing concept


Objective: You can use all the options properly for personalizing your SAP workplace, for example, you can create a favorites folder, change the font size or save your parameter values.

Performance Objectives

•Use of Set Data / Hold Data
•Use of Own Data
•Use of parameter ID and default values
•Use of SAP Easy Access Menu
•Add transaction, URL to favorites
•Change font size
•Change the format is which system messages are displayed
•Understand SAP’s role concept

System functionality

Objective: You can use the main functions in the GUI system menu (system status query, data retention, setting data, jobs, batch inputs).

Performance Objectives

•Plan jobs
•Display status of background jobs
•Execute and plan status of background jobs
•Display own spool requests
•Run batch input
•Explain batch input processing modes
•Close sessions
•Send short message


Objective: You are able to use the various help options and information provided by SAP in your daily work.
Performance Objectives

•Use of SAP Library
•Use of Application Help
•Use of F1 / F4 function keys
•Use of technical field information
•Find a data mater record
•Search help
•Find information on SAP’s help portal
•Understand: What is a short dump


Objective: You can use the reporting functionality in SAP software. You can use selection screens, save lists locally, create variants, find reports, and plan reports in the background.
Performance Objectives
•Change layout of a list (ALV Grid)
•Use functions of ALV Grid control
•Download a list
•Find a report
•Explain: What is a report?
•Use of selection screen
•Create a report variant
•Use info system


Objective: You can explain the SAP authorization and role concept. You know what the criteria are for issuing authorizations. You can maintain a password properly.
Performance Objectives

•Explain SAP’s authorization concept
•Explain SAP’s role concept
•Log-on to different systems