Microsoft Word

Objectives of the course:

Upon completion of this course the participant should be able to use Microsoft Word effectively to create and manage their documents in a professional manner, write proposals, make brochures and send personalized mailers.

The course topics include understanding Word interface, entering and editing text, moving and copying text, text formatting, page layout, and spell check. This course also covers many advanced elements of Word 2003 or 2007, including mail merge, tables and inserting clip-arts, pictures and drawing graphic objects.

Microsoft Project

If you are ever responsible for coordinating a variety of specific tasks that must be completed within a specific time frame for a set amount of money, you are a business analyst, developer, manager, professional or own a business, then this course is for you.

Developing a software product, publishing a newsletter, implementing a training program, starting a new business or even building a new home are some of the projects that millions of people embark upon everyday. This course helps you put together a plan of action, fill in and organize all the details that must be completed in order to achieve your goal right from building a new project to preparing your project for publication, tracking progress, analyzing costs, assessing the quality of your project and managing multiple projects, Microsoft Project does it all.

To summarize, Microsoft Project helps you stay in control with minimum effort and in minimum time.

Microsoft Project Lesson 1

2.New Project 1.To start a new project file
2.To record properties
4.Entering Tasks and assigning task duration
5.Outlining tasks

3.Links 1.To link tasks in F-S dependency
2.Delayed and Overlapped Links

4.Constraints 1.To apply a constraint
2.To remove a constraint and apply an ASAP/ALAP constraint

MS Project Lesson 2

1. Resources

a. Entering Resource Information

b. Resource lists

c. Resource information dialog box

d. Assigning a base calendar other than the project calendar to the resource

e. Editing a resource calendar

2. Assignments

a. Assigning a resource to a task

b. Task Types

c. Changing the default task type

d. Assigning work resources to Tasks

e. Assigning work resources in the Task Form

f. Assigning Material Resources to Tasks

g. Assigning material resources to a task in Gantt Chart View

3. Costs

a. Defining and Controlling costs

b. Accrual methods

c. Entering Cost Information

d. To enter costs for a resource

MS Project Lesson 3

2.Overallocated Resources
3.Fine Tuning and Preparing the Project for Publication

MS Project Lesson 4

1.Formatting Views
2.Publishing Projects on the Web or Intranet

MS Project Lesson 5

1.Tracking Work on MS Project
2.Working with multiple projects
4.Exchanging project data with other applications