Middle Management

Effective training is essential in developing mid-to-senior level managers.  Because they operate at many different levels within an organization (reporting both up and down) the skillset to manage not only teams but also processes, is essential. To ensure you meet modern business challenges and are successful in your Middle Management role there are 5 core managerial skills that are needed:

  • Change management skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Reporting
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Innovation

Here are those 5 core managerial skills in more detail:

1. Change Management Skills

The ability to communicate, respond to, and implement change is essential. Change is central to modern business survival and organizational and operational change is now a constant norm rather than an exception to the rule. Therefore the ability to manage an employee’s reaction to change and offer support and encouragement is necessary to implement it effectively. Training can make sure that Managers can help others to prepare and handle the process of change.

2. Soft skills

Alongside operational knowledge, soft skills come to the fore in the middle of the business hierarchy. Leading change, identifying and managing resistance to it, and ensuring that deadlines are met are just some of the tasks that Managers will have to take on. You’ll need to communicate with Senior Management and provide reports on a daily basis: the chain of communication goes both up and down and so a high degree of emotional intelligence and good communication skills are needed.

3. Reporting

Acting as the point where actual results and company goals meet, it is essential that you have transparency with regard to work, results, and team performance. Your training needs to give you a thorough understanding of the tools needed to report on these. What’s more, you will need to understand how to report up as well as report down. Your reports must be suitable for the headlines and forecasting required in the boardroom and for honest appraisals of your team’s work.

4. Setting and achieving goals

You will be expected to meet your own Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), so an ability to prioritize is essential. You will also be expected to develop KPIs for your own teams and identify any training needs, or other support, they may need to achieve these.

5. Innovation

Those who can help identify better ways of working are essential in the modern working environment. Perhaps the most important area of your training will be the ability to help you develop an innovative mindset. For most companies innovation is a critical skill and is what will differentiate them from the competition. Looking for new ways of working and learning how to test and assess them requires confidence and negotiation skills to create space for them within the business.

These 5 management competencies support the exciting challenges that middle management can bring. There is a range of Middle Management training courses we offer so give us a call to talk about how we can help you gain the skills today’s businesses are looking for.

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